ITHFZ Mills - An Introduction.
International Textile HFZ mills pvt limited is a newly established textile spinning unit based in Gadoon Amazi Industrial Estate, Topi, NWFP, Pakistan.

ITHFZ is equipped with state of the art new European machinery. The growing robustness in the performance of the commodity in the international market, as well as the increased inclination of European and American manufacturers towards sourcing yarn from third world countries, a facility that sets the example for the production of export quality yarn, was deemed essential.
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Machinery Specification
International Textile HFZ had installed 25800 spindles with capacity of producing best quality yarn, which highly recommended for export purpose. The state of the art textile spinning is based on the best avai lable technology in the international market.

Our technology partner is Reiter who is famous for providing quality spinning integrated installation systems, which enable us to produce premium quality yarn for local and international market....
250CCA, Sector FF, Phase IV, DHA, Lahore.
Cell: 0301-8464518
Ph: +92-42-5721458 Fax: +92-42-5892250
Knitting Weaving
20 / 1 CMD HW 30 / 1CRD WVG
20 / 1 CRD HW 21 / 1CRD WVG
26 / 1 CMD HW 40 / 1CRD WVG
32 / 1 CRD HW 16 / 1CRD WVG
32 / 1 CMD HW 20 / 1CRD WVG
40 / 1 CMD HW    

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